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Jr High Basketball (boys & girls) Game Schedule

Tuesday games at Nogales
Friday games at Rowland 
Tuesday, April 16th (Giano Byes)   Nogales High School
3:10 (Boys) Oswalt vs Alvarado and (Boys) Ybarra vs Telesis
4:05 (Girls) Oswalt vs Alvarado and (Girls) Ybarra vs Telesis 
Wed April 17th    Girls Practice at Shadow Oak
Thur  April 18th   Boys &  Girls practice at Shadow Oak
Friday, April 19th (Oswalt Byes)
(Games At RHS on a tight time schedule, band needs the gym at 5 sharp!)
3:10 (Boys) Ybarra vs Alvarado    and (girls) Telesis vs Giano
4:05 (Boys) Giano vs Telesis     and    (girls) Ybarra vs Alvarado
Tuesday, April 23rd (Telesis Byes)     Nogales High School
3:10 (Boys) Giano vs Alvarado  and (Boys) Ybarra vs. Oswalt
4:05 (girls) Giano vs Alvarado and (girls) Ybarra vs. Oswalt
Friday, April 26th (Ybarra Byes)  Rowland High School
3:10 (boys) Giano vs Oswalt  and (girls) Telesis vs Alvarado
4:05 (boys) Alvarado vs Telesis and (girls) Giano vs Oswalt 
Tuesday, April 30th (Alvarado byes)   Nogales High School
3:10 (boys) Oswalt vs Telesis and   (girls) Giano vs Ybarra
4:05 (boys) Giano vs Ybarra and  (girls) Telesis vs Oswalt 
Friday, May 3rd Playoffs , Top 4 seeds, 5th place does not make it
Rowland High School
Boys Team
1) Murtaza Mazhar
2)  Brain Gonzales
3)  Dekoven Johnson
4)  Marcus De Leon
5)  Josiah Obiacoro
6)  Nathan Lwin
7) Nathaniel  Dam
8) Nathan Fonseca
9) Ivan Perez
10) Jaden Jornacion
11)  Tristan Causay
12)  Noah Padino
13)  Matthew Portillo
14)  (Sub)  Ethan Lee   out till mid-April
Hello Parents, Can you please text me your numbers so I can keep you updated.
Mr. Tolliver  626 824-3006