School Profile
Children are the main focus of our academic program that empowers students to develop academically and personally to achieve academic success. Our efforts are focused on meeting and being proactive to the unique needs of our students. Our academic program is based upon academic standards, current trends and research in education, best practices and instructional data. Our goal is to ensure that every child achieves proficiency in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts and Physical Education. Active parent involvement is key to our school's success. Parent involvement in all grade levels is encouraged and appreciated.
Through collaborative partnerships with parents and community groups and our PTA, Oswalt creates a learning environment supports each child's academic endeavors. Through our Community of Caring program, our students life long learning is enhanced through the emphasis of the character values of respect, responsibility, trust, caring and family. Our students, staff, parents and community works together to assist children in succeeding in life long learning experiences.
Student Incentive/Recognition Programs:
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