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Action can come in the smallest of ways. On behalf of Oswalt Academy, students were asked to bring in their bottles and cans so that they could be recycled for cash to be donated to the Red Cross International for Japan. The project was to run for two weeks in order to help the many people who were affected by the earthquake and resulting tsunami that rattled Japan last month. Although Japan is an ocean away from us here in California, we at Oswalt felt a connection to our fellow global citizens. 

Recycling cans and bottles has more benefits than just raising money. Students are also helping the environment by reducing the waste that goes into landfills. Recycling bins were placed in front of the school, in the lunch areas, and on the playgrounds. Donations were also made to classrooms, and the Leadership class collected them daily. Various students helped Mrs. Paerels sort the cans and bottles before she, Mrs. Ogawa and Mrs. Polston took them to a recycling center on Nogales St.

The initial goal was to raise $200. So many donations poured in that we were able to raise $420! It has also resulted in discussions and research happening in the classrooms and at home. Students have also shared other projects they made in response to the devastation.

We at Oswalt ask that you keep the people of Japan in your hearts and thoughts, as they begin to rebuild their lives.

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