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5th Grade Rolls out With New Lap Tops

5th Grade Rolls out With New Lap Tops

Parents and students pick up their new Apple computers.

5th grade rolls out!  Each student in 5th grade receives their new Apple computers.  The computers will be used in their class.  Teacher will teach the students about the applications on the Apple computers.  Students will learn to work with Pages (word), Keynote (power point),  Numbers (Excel),  Imovie, Iphoto, GarageBand, PhotoBooth, and Itunes.  Apple’s programs are very easy to work with.  All the programs are compatible with each other.  Students will be able to make very professional looking presentations.

When your child leaves Oswalt, he will understand how to work with and manipulate the computer at an advanced level.  Wow!  Just ask a 7th or 8th grade teacher, they will all tell you, "It seems the students know more of the tricks to these programs than some of us. "  The scary part is your student will be more knowledgeable about this computer than many adults.  What does that mean?  They will have an easier time getting a job.  The computer skills learned here at Oswalt are worth more than the cost of owning the computer.  In fact, once the students leave Oswalt they will have a computer for high school and then college.  

Oswalt has won the Apple Award two years in a row for the projects that our kids are producing. We are a technologically advanced school.  We have many other schools and school districts come visit our school to learn more about the program.  It blows the minds of teachers and administrators that come visit us. 

This is all possible because of the commitment of you, the parents.  You make our school the magnet of the future for technologically advanced students.  This school is one of the few public schools that feels like a private institution without any tuition.  

Below is a link to a movie of our parents and students receiving their first computers.