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Basketball team wins against Ybarra! by a Landslide 63 to 33

Leading scorer Paul Gomez started the scoring with a 3-pointer.  Ybarra tied it back up at 3 to 3.  That is when the Eagles pushed on the gas and never looked back.  Paul went on a 3-point rage scoring 5 more 3-pointers in a row.  Oswalt crowd went wild.  Ybarra was stunned. By half time the score was 29 to 9.

 Everyone seemed to jump into the game.  Sebastian Sehwani found his best game driving the lane and scoring at will.  Our bull Jared Cristobal had his usual great game with rebounds and driving the lane.  It seemed every time someone was at the free throw it was Jared sinking the hopes of Ybarra.  Ahmecito also had his best game.  He controlled the boards pulling down more rebound than could be counted.

  Coach Luis commented that it was our defense that won the game.  Our speedy guards Noah, Dameon, Michael and Brandon were the mosquitoes that bugged Ybarra's offense into little to no scoring.  Luis put the nail in the coffin with a 3-pointer and his aggressive play.  Camille down low gave Havik to their #1 shooter.  Amber had her most aggressive game getting a rebound and showing she can play. 

 Coach Luis commented during the game how nice it is that one of his guards Sean seem to run the game.  As coach Luis and I talked about what next to do, Sean would come over and say what we were thinking.  Sean and Paul did a great job directing the game.  An outstanding game for Oswalt.  It was the best game we have played so far. 

 The cheerleaders were outstanding, they keep the crowd in with chants of Defense..Defense..Defense.  The crowd responded loudly.  The Rowland basketball team that was practicing before us stuck around to watch.  10 of which were former Oswalt students including Jared's brother Ian.  They were chanting Oswalt also.  What a game!

Thank You if came out to support us.  We did hear you! It helps our spirit. 

See us take on Telesis for the championship this Friday at 3:30 at Rowland.  

Go Eagles!