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Need a new charger or battery for your laptop?

If you are like me you use your lap top all the time. Sometimes I am not very nice to my charger, dropping it, ripping it from computer when I trip over the cord. Dogs that chew on the wires and it goes on. So I go to the Apple store to get a new one. For only $80 you can get a new one. Really?!!!!! Yes they are that much go to Apple store and check it out. There is this magical place to get it cheaper called Ebay. It will not be an Apple product, but a close version that will work for around $20. Ahhhh! Yes that is much better.
Key search words are:
60W Power Supply Charger Cord for Apple MAC MacBook 13"

If your battery only last about 1-2 hours you may need a new battery. They need to last between 2-4 hours to get through all your classes. Most battery last around 2 years, depending on use and how you charge them. Once again you go to Apple and for around $130 you can get a new Apple battery. Wow Big OUCH! Go to the magical place one more time and get a battery for around $30.

Search words are: Apple Battery for Apple 13"

Ebay: At Ebay no price is guaranteed. It is like a giant swap meet. The prices up above are averages. You may be able to find it cheaper! Watch out for shipping and tax. Last watch out where it is being shipped from. China, Japan and other countries can take up to 1-2 months to receive.

If Ebay is not your thing, I (Mr. Tolliver Junior High teacher) can get it for you. Bring $20 cash for a Charger or $30 for a battery.(room p-34) I use an ebay company here in Walnut so shipping is 3-4 days max. And No they will not let you pick it up directly. This is just a personal favor. I make no money from this. I am just a Tech nerd wanting to help you out. If it is less I will give you back difference.

My email is or my cell number is 626 824-3006, call or text.
You can also email me through this web site. To find me click below link.

Note: DO NOT GO TO THE FRONT OFFICE they will have no idea what your talking about.
This is in no way a sales pitch. This is just good information to help you out.

Email Link: