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STEM Essay Contest 2012

The Youth Science Center in Hacienda Heights holds an essay contest to help promote enthusiasm towards future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Last year, Oswalt 8th grader Tiffany Chan won the essay contest focusing on her future career and personal experience of loss to family members who have battled cancer. This year's topic was to focus on a global problem, indicate who would come together to solve this problem throughout the world, and how the areas of STEM would be used to solve a global issue. 

Dio Rendon, this year's middle school winner focused on raising awareness on child labor. He spoke about the background and effects of child labor when growing cocoa and the lack of education as a result of this issue, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dio also wrote how kids and teens can make a difference through social media. 

As the middle school winner, Dio will receive a certificate to attend a gala on October 26 at the Pacific Palms Conference Resort in the City of Industry as well as a cash prize of $300. Congratulations to our Oswalt Eagle, Dionisio Rendon!