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7th Grade Girls Selected for AAUW Whittier College Summer Camp

This year Oswalt's middle school teachers were given the opportunity to nominate 8 girls to go through the process of receiving a summer camp scholarship through American Association of University Women (AAUW). Mariah Barrios, Brianna Lau, Anica Ortiz, Jennifer Gomez, Vanessa Kwan, Kristy Tran, and Alexa Stephano were selected as the nominees for the $850 Tech Trek scholarship.

The process for selection was four steps over several months. First, teachers were asked to nominate no more than 8 girls and submit the reasons for their recommendations. Next, the girls were given a scholarship application form that had to be completed along with a personal essay. Then 4 representatives from AAUW came to Oswalt and conducted a 10 minute personal interview one-on-one with each nominee. Finally, the girls were notified via mail of their scholarship status.

Congratulations to Mariah Barrios and Brianna Lau who were selected to attend the week long summer camp at Whittier College this year! These girls will be given an $850 scholarship and their parents are paying $50 for the remaining cost of the camp. Mariah and Brianna will be living in a dorm, attending morning science classes with girls from schools all over southern California, eating college cafeteria food, having supervised afternoon and evening activities, and attend field trips to places like the LA Forensics lab, Jet Proportion Laboratory (JPL), Rio Hondo Observatory, and even a cadaver lab. Anica Ortiz was also selected as an alternative camper. If any camper is unable to attend for any reason (from our school or another) than Anica will join Mariah and Brianna on the Whittier College campus.

Mariah, Brianna, and Anica are all invited to a May luncheon along with a guest to be recognized by the American Association of University Women.

For more information on AAUW and Tech Trek, please view the link below: Source: American Association of University Women