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Oswalt Basketball Goes Underfeated! and Wins Championship

By the end score you would not know what a struggle we had. The first half we just could not score. The last 9 minutes of first half we scored 2 points on free throws. The half ended and we were behind by 9 points. Faces were down and it looked ugly. Coach Henry clammed everyone and put a plan together. Assistant coach Peter helped make the plan perfect. Now all they had to do was follow the plan and be the great players they are. Captains Phillip and Paul rallied the players, "We can do this , We are not out of this"
Offence caught fire. It was pass -pass- pass then out to Noah who hit 3 pointer after 3 pointer. In the opening 2 minutes of second half Telesis was stunned. There 9 point lead was gone. It was tied. The crowd was going wild field with Parents, teachers, and Mr. Despard. It was becoming a proud moment. The cheer leader chants just made it a perfect game. By 10 minutes into the 2nd half we were up by 20 points. Wow what a game!