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Oswalt Academy International Baccalaureate (IB) School.  Where Technology and Exploration begins.Student Dismissal Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year June 4.

Last Basketball game this Tuesday at Telesis

Oswalt 45   Ybarra 21    Game 3  Feb 4th

Malcolm Canidate  12pts     1-3pointer   2 rebounds
Phillip Aguiniga        9pts     1-3pointer   9 rebounds
Taha Muhammad     6pts                        3 rebounds
Liam Funk               4pts                         2 rebounds
Andrew Avila            3pts     1-3pointer   1 rebound
Kewee Baluyot         2pts                        3 rebounds
Jalen Lantano          2pts                        1 rebound
Daniel Tapia            2pts                         3 rebounds
Kyle Naron                                             2 rebounds
Daniel Sanchez                                      2 rebounds

Oswalt -41  Telesis 29    Game 2  Jan 30th

Phillip Aguiniga  24 pts  5-3 pointer     8 rebounds
Deven Jarvis       8 pts                        15 rebounds
Jalen Lantano     3pts  1-3 pointer        1 rebound
Nicole Woo         3 pts                          2 rebounds
Liam Funk           2pts                           3 rebounds
Malcolm C.          1pt                            11 rebounds
Andrew Avila                                         1 rebound

Oswlat- 50 Ybarra 23  at the Apex     Game 1  Jan 28

High Scores
Phillip Aguiniga   13pts   3-3point shots    10 rebounds
Liam Funk           12pts  1-3 pointer            5 rebounds
Malcolm Canidate 8 pts  1-3 pointer           4 rebounds
Jalen Lantano       6 pts   2-3pointers         2 rebounds
Cedrick Tesoro     4 pts                              4 rebounds
Devin Jarvis          3 pts                              8 rebounds
Andrew Avila         2 pts                              4 rebounds
Joshua Lopez       2 pts                              4 rebounds
Nicole Woo                                                 4 rebounds

Jan 28th (Tue)  Oswalt vs. Ybarra   at the Apex Gym  293 Brea Canyon Rd  Walnut 91789

Jan 30th (Thur)  Oswalt vs. Telesis   At the Apex

Feb 4th (Tue)  Oswalt vs. Ybarra   At the Apex

Feb 6th  (Thur)  Oswalt vs Telesis  At Telesis

Play offs to follow. 

Practices will be on Wednesday