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Oswalt 2nd Grader Plans to Be President One Day: Receives Letter from President Obama

A Future President Among Us? Oswalt Academy Second Grader Says Yes! Excitement was high when a very large envelope was delivered first class to Second Grader Alyssa Alvarado from an address in Washington, D.C. 

“One night when my sister was reading, I went into the office and I wrote a letter to the President,” said Alyssa. She added, “I put my second grade picture in it since it was after picture day.”  

Mom Breanna Alvarado says she was absolutely floored when her daughter brought her the letter to mail to the President – she did it all on her own. “I want to be the president so I wrote to the President.  I think I can do a good job. I got a picture of his dog and a picture of him with a letter.” 

Her teacher Ms. Marianne Jordan-Terry has placed the letter on the wall. In it, the letter says, “Hearing from young people like you inspires me each and every day, and I am glad you took the time to share your thoughts… In the years ahead, always remember that nothing is beyond your reach as long as you are willing to dream big and work hard. If you stay focused on your education, I know there are no limits to what you can achieve.” – Signed by President Obama.

Pictured below, also with Mom Mrs. Alvarado and Oswalt Principal Kevin Despard, and with teacher Mrs. Jordan-Terry.