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Oswalt Academy International Baccalaureate (IB) School.  Where Technology and Exploration begins.Student Dismissal Extended. Remote Student Learning Until End of School Year June 4.

Volleyball News

Friday, August 30th @ Rowland High School 

3:30 Ybarra vs. Giano  and Oswalt Vs. Telesis   (Win)

4:30 Ybarra vs. Telesis and Oswalt Vs. Alvarado (Win)


Friday, Sept. 6th at Rowland High School 

3:30 Ybarra vs. Oswalt  and Alvarado vs. Giano. (Win)

4:30 Giano vs Telesis  (Win)


Friday, Sept 13th @ Rowland High School 

3:30 Alvarado vs. Telesis and Giano Vs. Oswalt (Win)

4:30 Ybarra vs. Alvarado



2019-20 Volleyball Team

Jessica Estrada 7th Therese Seals 8th Tevyn Daniels 7th Jayda Eaton 7th Marytere Mora 8th Sadie Mackey 8th Daniela Luna 8th Jianna Siono 8th Michelle Calderon 8th Sofia Velazquez 8th Victoria C 6th Florencia SanMiguel 7th