High Frequency Word List

By April / May of this school year, your child should be able to comfortably read ALL of the Kindergarten high frequency words. Your child also needs to know how to SPELL and write these words. You can find a list of these words on your child's folder.

Click on the file below for the list of words.

Spelling Tests

    Kindergarten teachers will begin to offer spelling tests to your child of the sight words he/she has mastered reading.

The test words have been recorded and whenever a student is ready to practice or when a student is ready to take the spelling test, he/she will use an iPod to listen to the words.

When your child is ready to take the spelling test, please have your child tell his/her teacher and he/she will get the “official” testing sheet. Students will be able to use iPods to practice on white boards during independent activity times in class, but will also want to practice spelling and writing the words at home.

This is the first list of spelling words. Your child will progress through the lists at his/her own rate, just like when learning to read them. When your child gets 100% on a spelling test then the next list of words will be sent home.

Thank you for all your hard work at home!