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Oswalt Sports


New  Cheerleading:  ongoing  throughout the the year. 

6th-8th Girls / Boys Volleyball:  (Sep).

6th-8th Boys & Girls Soccer : End of Sep 


7th-8th Grade Boys  (Feb Mar)

7th- 8th Grade Girls (Feb Mar)

4th-6th Grade Boys Girls mix    (Jan)


Soccer   4th-6th Grade Boys, Girls mix  (Feb Mar)


Softball:  (April)

Coed 6th-8th grade


1) C or better in all subjects

2) Parent and Teacher approval

3) A commitment to your team (winning or Losing)


If you have time we are looking for coaches for all sports. 

(Lead coach or just would like to help out)

If a coach can not be found that sport will be canceled.  This is your chance to make a difference.

1-3 Practices per week, that are usually after school 3-4:15. (schedule is made by coach)  Usually one game a week.


Questions Please email Mr. Tolliver

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