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Money Skills Practice!

$how Me the Money!
Learning to count money takes practice - lots of it!

Use these games below to have fun while practicing this important skill.

"Show Me the Money!"
Ms. Henley's Top Pick

Let’s Compare
Count two sets of coins, then compare them with < > or =
Awesome practice for an important concept!!
Reminder: < less than, greater than >, = equals

Count U.S. Coins
Practice with equivalent amounts

Which Coin?
Check the top row and click on the coin to complete the amount.

Counting Money

Money Matching
Match equivalent amounts of coins
Challenge: Do it in the least number of moves!

Shopping Spree
Match amounts to costs of items - good beginning game

Change It!
Lots of ways for teachers, parents, and students
to individualize practice

Adding Money
Demonstration with dollar signs and decimal point

Change Maker
Can be challenging!

Challenge Money
Choose Count Money or Match Amounts
Includes a downloadable Recording Sheet

Cash Out
Click on coins to make change amount. Then click on Give Change.

Math Jingles
Listen and learn these fun jingles!
Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters
Make Change

Especially for Teachers and Parents
Grade 2 Math Activities for Teachers and Parents
Games and activities to help students understand money
Name That Coin
Money Match
Paper Money

Second Grade Math Skills
Scroll down for money links

Counting Money Worksheets

Money Clipart