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Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 1:  Silly Stories
Stories with silly characters and funny situations
make us laugh!


Story 1: Dragon Gets By 
By: Dav Pilkey
Genre:  Fantasy
Comprehension Skills:Story Structure
Phonics Skills:
Short a,i; base words,
-s,-ed,-ing endings                 
Phonics Review: 


Skill:What is a sentence?


Skill:homophones, new words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Cinderella InteractiveSpelling CityParts of a Sentence PowerPointPlay E Word GameMeet the Author, Dav Pilkey
Test TutorPrintable Starfall Phonics Puzzle ActivitiesWord Wheelies GameVocabulary PinballNutrition Blast-Off Game
Binky's Story ScrambleShort Vowel MatchingWord Magnets: Short aClifford's Interactive Storybook
Word Sort Short "a" and "i"Name the Picture
Short I Practice
Stingray ChaserDav Pilkey Book Review
Adding ed, ingWord Magnets: Short a
 Make-A-Word:_at familyWord Magnets: Short i
Make-A-Word: _an familyMake-A-Word: _ig
Story 2: Julius  
By: Angela Johnson
Genre:  Fantasy
Comprehension Skills: Fantasy/Realism
Phonics Skills: Short Vowels o,u,e and VCCV Pattern         
Phonics Review:Short a and iGrammar
Skill:Naming Part of a sentence    


Skill:Synonyms, New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Parts of a Sentence PowerPoint
Compound Subjects Choose Unit 10/5
Printable Starfall Phonics Puzzle Activities
Make-A-Word _et familyWord Sort Short "a" and "i"Stingray Chaser
Word Magnets: Short a
TumblebooksSpelling PowerPointWord Magnets: Short i
Make-A-Word:_og familyMake-A-Word:_ug family
Story 3: Mrs. Brown Goes to Town  
by Herbert Wong Yee
Genre:  Fantasy
Comprehension Skills:Fantasy/Realism
Cause & Effect
Phonics Skills:
Long vowels CVCe; a,i
Phonics Review:Short Vowels e, o, u


Action parts of a sentence


Skill:Multiple Meaning words/New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Short Vowel Letter FallPowerPoint: Action Parts of Sentences 
Realistic Story ElementsShort Vowels PuzzleA Carousel of Verbs
Fact or FictionShort Vowels Audio MatchGo For the Gold: Parts of a SentenceStingray ChaserNational Geographic Kids: Farm Animals
Flippy's Adventures: Cause and EffectShort Vowel ABC OrderVerb Dog Video-Unit 3-12Kids Lab:Multiple Meaning WordsKidsFarm
Quia: Cause and EffectShort Vowels MatchingWord Finder: Verbs-Unit 3-13Davis Family Farm Adventures
Make-A-Word _otKBears Farm
Making Inferences with Mr. Duck Von Fly
Make-A-Word: Long I, Silent E                    
Make-A-Word _en
Make-A-Word _ug
Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 2:  Nature Walk
Nature can be observed and enjoyed, wherever you are.

Story 1: Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
By Cynthia Rylant
Genre:  Realistic Fiction
Comprehension Skills/Strategy Focus: Compare and Contrast
Phonics Skills: Long vowels CVCe; o,u,e;  two sounds for g            


Skill:Telling sentences and questions


Skill: Compound Words/New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Make-A-Word: Long I, Silent E           Grammar Gold: Statements and Questions
Compare/Contrast Tips and PracticeSentence ClubhouseWar of the Words GameMeet the Author: Cynthia Rylant
Contrasting CharactersLong Vowel MatchingPlanting SentencesStingray ChaserLetter From Cynthia Rylant
Long O WordsGrammar Blast: The SentenceCompound Word ElephantsGo Camping America!
Robot and Mr. Mole SongCompound MatchingVirtual Telescope
Long Vowel Picture MatchCompound Drag and DropWeb Word Find (Spelling)
Name the Long Vowel GameVocabulary PinballMeet the Illustrator: Sucie Stevenson
Dune Buggy SongIce Cream Cake (a_e)Vocabulary MatchingSee the Big Dipper
Story 2: Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett
By Alice K. Flanagan
Genre:  Nonfiction
Story 3: Around the Pond: Who's Been Here?
By Lindsay Barrett George
Genre:  Realistic Fiction
Comprehension Skills/Strategy Focus:Categorize and ClassifyPhonics Skills:Double Consonants and VCV Pattern 
Phonics Review:




Skill:Multiple Meaning Words, New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Nina and Naming Newt GameWord Sort (Double Consonants) High Frequency Words Game            Quia: Commands and ExclamationsPlay E-Word Game
Between the Lions: Flood!Word Sort (ck)Grammar Gold: Exclamations and CommandsClass Tools Vocabulary GamesExploring Pond Habitats
Quia: BattleshipSpelling City (Week 1)
Max Found Two Sticks (Multiple-Meaning Words)                         
More About Ponds and Lakes
Quia: Rags to RichesSpelling City (Week 2)Max Found Two Sticks (Test Tutor)Virtual Pond Dip
Categories ColumnMatching Game (Spelling)Multiple-Meaning Words JeopardyVirtual Lab: Design a Park
Categories Column (Harder)Vocabulary HangmanSing Along at Ribbett Pond
Quia: Rags to Riches 2Quia: MatchingRanger Rick Magazine
Rags to Riches 3Stingray Chaser
Quia: JeopardyVocabulary Pinball

Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 3:  Around Town: Neighborhood and Community
People work hard to make their neighborhood a good place to live.

Story 1: Chinatown  by William Low
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Summarize
Comprehension Skills: Making Judgments, SummarizePhonics Skills:  Consonant digraphs (th,wh,sh,ch,tch); base words with –er, -est endingsPhonics Review:Double ConsonantsGrammar Skills:Common Nouns
Vocabulary Skills:  ABC order (Dictionary)new words
 Social Studies/Just for Fun  
Quia: Comprehension GameWord Sort  High Frequency Words Game Rats: Common and Proper Nouns        E-Word GameMeet the Author
Summarizing ActivitySpelling City Week 1Word Sort: Double ConsonantsNoun DunkClassTools GamesRead a Review of the Story
Summarizing LessonSpelling City Week 1 ChallengeWord BuilderNouns LessonQuia:Vocabulary MatchingVirtual Tour of Chinatown
Digraphs Activity 1Crossword ChallengeNouns: Fill in the BlanksQuia: Animal ABC OrderPlay Mahjong Solitaire
Digraphs Activity 2Bitesize Games: ABC OrderSpelling Wordsearch
Starfall: shStingray Chaser List 1Starfall: Chinese Fables
Starfall: whStingray Chaser List 2Vocabulary Scramble List 1 
Starfall: thVocabulary Pinball List 1
Starfall: chVocabulary Pinball List 2

Story 2: A Trip to the Firehouse  by Wendy Lewison
Genre: Nonfiction
Comprehension Skills:Topic/Main Idea/Supporting Details
Phonics Skills:Vowel pairs ai,ay, Compound words
  Phonics Review: Consonant Digraphs,or,ore; Prefixes un,reGrammar Skill:Proper Nouns    


Skills:  Beg, Mid, End in dictionary,new words      
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Main IdeaWord Sort: sh,th,ch,whNoun BasketballVocabulary Word ScrambleVirtual Field Trip to the Firehouse
Main Idea PosterSpelling City Challenge Week 1"Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?" GameRats: Common and Proper NounsE-Word GameFire Safety for Kids
What's the Big Idea?Starfall: Vowel TeamsDigraphs Interactive Board GameGrammar Gold: Proper NounsWar of the Words Vocabulary GameSparky the Fire Dog
What's the Big Idea? 1Vowel Pairs ai and ayor, ore Word SortVocabulary PinballMt. Airy Fire Department Kids' Place
What's the Big Idea? 2Spelling Word BuilderStarfall: "or" WordsVocabulary MatchingFirefighter's Protective Clothing Tour
KidsLab Main Idea QuizzesDivide the Compound WordsWord Sort: Prefixes un, reVocabulary PowerPointFire Engine Tour
PBS: Main Idea GameQuia Matching CompoundsStingray ChaserFire Safety WebQuest
Kidsport Compound Words GameVocabulary Word FindFire Safety WebQuest 2
Compound WordsWeb Word Find
Animal Compounds Matching

Story 3: Big, Bushy Mustache  by Gary Soto
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Predict/Infer



Story 4: Jamaica Louise James  by Amy Hest 
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Comprehension Skills:

Making inferences;

Sequence of Events
Phonics Skills:Vowel pairs ee,ea; common syllables –tion, -turePhonics Review:
Grammar Skills:
Irregular Plurals
Vocabulary Skills:Dictionary guide words;
New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Inference BattleshipSpelling CityQuia: Rags to RichesE-Word GameWeb Word Find
Sequencing Fun (Lots of Activities!)Crossword ChallengeThe Plural GirlsStingray ChaserMeet the Author: Amy Hest
Sequence of Events LessonWord SortIrregular Plurals MatchingVocabulary PinballVocabulary Scramble
Binky's Story ScrambleWord BuilderQuia: Matching PluralsNew York City Subways (PBS Kids)
Practice SequencingStarfall: Make Words with Vowel TeamsJigWords PluralsNational Gallery of Art for Kids
Test Tutor SequencingStarfall: Word Sort with Vowel Teams
Starfall: Read "Pete's Sheep"
Starfall: Vowel Teams Video

Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 4:  Amazing Animals
These animals do everything from the incredible to the hilarious!
Story 1: Officer Buckle and Gloria  by Peggy Rathman
Genre: Fantasy
Strategy Focus: Monitor/Clarify
Comprehension Skills:
Cause and Effect
Phonics Skills: r-controlled vowels ar, or, ore
Phonics Review:Syllables:
-tion, -ture
Grammar Skill:Pronouns
Dictionary Entry Words, New Words
Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Rags to Riches Comprehension QuizWord Sort (ar)Quia: Syllable MatchingGrammar GoldVocabulary PowerPointReader's Theater Script
Story Sequence of EventsWord Sort (or, ore)Quia: PronounsVocabulary in ContextMore About Author Peggy Rathman
Tina's World: Fantasy or Realism?Spelling CityE-Word GameExtraordinary Dogs
Realistic Story Elements LessonStarfall: Make-A-Word (or)Vocabulary PinballInternet Safety Tips
Fact Vs. FictionPicture Hunt (or)Stingray ChasersWatch a Video of the Story
Read "My Horse Glory"Vocabulary HangmanVocabulary Word Scramble
Make-A-Word (ar)Quia: Vocabulary MatchingVocabulary Word Search
Read "Car Race"
Story 2: Ant  by Rebecca Stefoff
Genre: Nonfiction
Strategy Focus: Question
Comprehension Skills:

Cause & Effect

Fact & Opinion
Phonics Skills:
Words with nd, nt, mp, ng, nk;
base words and ending
Phonics Review:or,
ar, ore
Grammar Skills:
Singular Possessive Nouns
Vocabulary Skills:Using a thesaurusScience/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Word SortWord Sort (ar)Possessive Nouns LessonE-Word GameMeet the Author
Word BuilderWord Sort (or, ore)Exploring for Possessives GameStingray Chasers List 1Vocabulary Word Search List 1
Word FindStarfall: Make-A-Word (or)Find the Correct Possessive FormStingray Chasers List 2Vocabulary Word Search List 2
Spelling CityPicture Hunt (or)Vocabulary Hangman List 1Vocabulary Word Scramble List 1
Read "My Horse Glory"Vocabulary Hangman List 2Vocabulary Word Scramble List 2
Make-A-Word (ar)Vocabulary Pinball List 1PestWorld for Kids: All About Ants 
Read "Car Race"Vocabulary Pinball List 2Trap-Jaw Ants
ClassTools Games
Story 3: The Great Ball Game  by Joseph Bruchac
Genre: Folktale
Strategy Focus: Summarize
Comprehension Skill:

Cause & Effect

Phonics Skill:
Vowel pairs oa, ow
Phonics Review:
Words with nd, nt, mp, ng, nk;
base words and ending
Grammar Skill:
Plural Possessive Nouns
Vocabulary Skill/New Words:Science/Social Studies/Just for Fun
Cause/Effect Test TutorWord SortWord SortGrammar GoldE-Word GameCritter Corner
Quia: C/E ColumnsWord BuilderWord BuilderClassTools GamesSt. Louis Zoo
Crossword ChallengeWord FindStingray ChaserVocabulary Word Find
Word FindSpelling CityVocabulary PinballVocabulary Hangman
Spelling CityVocabulary BattleshipStarfall: Folktales
New CellQuia: MatchingNew CellNew CellWord ScrambleNew Cell
New CellSoap BoatNew CellNew CellNew Cell
New CellWord SortNew CellNew CellNew Cell

Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 5:  Family Time
People in a family learn from and help one another.

Story 1: Brothers and Sisters  by Ellen B. Senisi
Genre: Nonfiction
Strategy Focus: Evaluate
Story 2: Jalapeno Bagels  by Natasha Wing
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Question


Story 3: Carousel  by Pat Cummings
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Predict/Infer
Houghton/Mifflin Reading
Theme 6:  Talent Show
Talented people work hard at what they love to do.

Story 1: The Art Lesson  by Tomie de Paola
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Evaluate

Story 2: Moses Goes to a Concert  by Isaac Millman
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Summarize
Story 3: The School Mural  by Sarah Vazquez
Genre: realistic Fiction
Strategy Focus: Question