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Create a Book

Create your own book with these helpful online resources
Create a Book Resources Chart created by Ms. Vicki Martinez
Book Mark Template
This is a blank template that can be customized to suite your needs. You design it.
Comic Life
'Comic Life lets you create comics, picture albums, how-tos... and more! The easy-to-use interface integrates seamlessly with your photo collection or iSight. Drag in your pictures, captions, Lettering text and speech balloons.'
Flip Book Creator
This site by Teacher Planet walks you through creating a book that can be printed.
Read, Write, Think Book Cover Creator
Use this site to create full book covers - front and back, dust jackets. There are also book cover planning sheets which can be use to create a rough draft and revise before getting to the computer.
Talking Book PPT Creator
Students can use this to create books from their original works, show the results of a science fair presentation, use it as a book report, and more. Teachers can use this as an instructional tool for whole group, small group, or self paced instruction. Written instructions for creating a talking book are located here. Examples of talking books are located here.
Write your story. Add your pictures, Order your book. You have the option to create an unlimited number of books online. You may also purchase a hard copy, soft copy or digital download of your book, but it's not required.
Zoo Burst
This is a digital story telling tool that allows you to create 3D pop up books. You can share your book with a hyperlink and books can be embeded on a blog or website. It's available as an app. Teachers can set up protected safe spaces for students to create. Passwords are an option. It is free. This is an American Association of Librarians Website.