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Online Reading

Explore online reading online reading resources with the sites below
Green Online Resource chart created by Ms. Vicki Martinez
Animated Tall Tales Read about Paul Bunyan with this fun animated site. Games and drawings are also available from the link.
Dolch Site Word Books
This includes links to pdfs, powerpoints, and interactive books using Dolch sight words.
Folk Tales and Fairy Tales
Lesson Plans & Activities for Folktales, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Myths & Legends by Mr. Donn.
Kids' Reads Reviews
Click on a book and read the reviews.
Literature Stories Web Hour
This is a sample of online stories and activities.
My Online Reading (fiction and nonfiction books)
There are lots of online books to read on a variety of topics. The focus is lower elementary.
National Geographic for Kids
Read about animals, pets, countries, news, and more.
Online Talking Stories
These are stories in movie form.
Spaghetti Book Club
This site does have stories to read online, but it also has book reviews.
Sports Illustrated for Kids
If you like sports, you'll love this. It has news and blogs, games, videos, etc.
This site has online stories. The appropriate age level is shown next to each. The stories have audio, words, and the words hilite when read.
TIME for Kids
This is like an online newspaper for kids. It includes news, around the world, photos, a homework helper and more.

Many New Wonderful Stories Click on the word 
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More Online Stories

  • Listen to Stories Online

  • Watch Animated Stories

  • Read Picture Stories for Grades preK-2

  • Read Picture Stories for Grades 3-5


Listen to a story read to you!

Clifford Interactive stories
Listen to Several stories Online!
1st Grade Online Book
3 Stories about little animals
Listen to Animal Stories

Listen to Books at this Library Grades 2-10!


Picture Stories for Grades PreK-2
Disney Stories Online
PBS Stories Change Every Week!
Several Illustrated stories for K-1!
Several Animal Grade 1 Stories
Illustrated 1st grade stories